RRC has established its policy within the Group's principles, national requirements and those of its clients.



The RRC quality management system safeguards compliance with the commitments made, following an integrated approach to all company processes.

RRC actions aim to continuously improve the quality of our services, incorporating efforts by our expert professionals.

To this end, we define measures that merge company and client values, guaranteeing the satisfaction of clients, employees, suppliers and the society in which we operate.

A sustainable company enhances the development, prosperity, stability and health of the society in which it operates, generating direct and indirect employment, boosting the economy and creating value for shareholders.

RRC holds a quality management system certification in compliance with the ISO 9001 international standard.


Fostering environmental awareness in the construction sector is of paramount importance in light of the impacts, in large part negative, produced as a result. RRC quickly learned that the scope of its action had to go beyond complying with legislation.

This awareness secured the accolade of being the first national construction company to obtain an environmental management system certification in line with ISO 14001 standard.

Environmental responsibility influences all organisational levels. In light of RRC's characteristics, it is clear that its works are the source of not only the greatest impact but also the maximum environmental benefit, notably in waste reduction and reuse, noise and dust reduction, wastewater and process water treatment, soil and water protection, adequate management and conservation of natural resources, etc.

Environmental actions are established and implemented through an environmental plan; a basic informative document distributed throughout the different organisational levels that sets out environmental goals based on a set of good working practices exceeding legal or contractual requirements with the aim of minimising or abolishing the most significant impacts.

Knowledge alone leads to understanding. In view of this, awareness and training of all RRC staff and contractors is an important factor in the proper implementation of this system and serves as one of the main company aims.

Health and Safety

Looking after the wellbeing of employees and reducing the accident rate by promoting a safe working environment.

RRC continuously strives to protect the wellbeing of its employees. It cares for their quality of life, thus promoting a health and safety culture that extends to subcontractors, clients, society and work centre environment.

RRC has incorporated health at safety at work in its management system and has developed monitoring and control mechanisms to facilitate compliance with current legislation and ensure that its own employees and those from subcontracted companies can rely on the best possible safety conditions on site and in work centres.

In 2010, RRC obtained a health and safety at work management system certification in line with OHSAS 18001 standard.