Circular economy

The circular economy stands out in FCC Construcción, and in all the associated companies, as a fundamental strategy to minimize the impacts of its activity on the environment.

FCC Construcción structures its circular economy strategy around the six areas of action defined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the main world leader in this field.

FCC Construcción, through its subsidiary FCC Industrial, obtained the "Zero Waste" traceability system certificate, granted by AENOR, becoming the first construction company to receive this certificate. This certificate determines the existence of an internal traceability system for waste management that guarantees its recovery and avoids the final disposal of waste in a landfill. The project where this initiative was applied achieved the recovery of 99% of the waste produced on site.

Its subsidiary in Portugal, Ramalho Rosa Cobetar (RRC) achieved in 2020 the recognition of good practices "Circular economy in the construction sector" in the category Axis of Social Responsibility and Environment - Impact Reduction, by the Portuguese Association of Ethics Business. This recognition was obtained for the recovery of 99% of the waste produced by the company, in all its works.