Ramalho Rosa Cobetar - Sociedade de Construções, S.A., RRC for short, is a construction company in which the sole shareholder is FCC Citizen Services, a company that has built up vast experience over the course of 100 years, both in the construction sector as well as in service provision and management.

The group's strategy, which seeks an image coherent with the national market and the corresponding established regulations, is to consolidate all of its construction activity in the Portuguese market under the RRC brand. This strategy has been placed in high regard by its clients and other companies in the sector, demonstrated by their express willingness to collaborate with RRC on a range of different works. RRC is completely integrated and established in the national market. 

RRC focuses its business activity in the building and public works sectors and has obtained recognition for its technical skills in a wide range of works, some large-scale and complex, which is illustrated by its track record.