Rehabilitation works

The growing investments in protecting listed historical heritage and, in some cases, the public and private need to rehabilitate and restore iconic buildings and convert them into offices guarantees the protection of our cultural legacy.

RRC has already secured vast experience in the rehabilitation, reform and restoration of buildings and has support from a strong team of experts in this field. This team applies the most suitable techniques in each case and is mindful of the responsibility assumed by the company when working on these types of projects, whether it be attempting to resolve structural pathologies, restoring historical façades, whilst respecting the original architectural style, or adapting old buildings for new uses.

A particularly outstanding project is the work carried out in 2015 on the Nossa Senhora da Graça Fort in Elvas, declared in 2012 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fort was added to the World Monuments Watch biannual list in 2014 due to its major need of conservation.

Key benchmarks

  • Remodelling of the Lóios Convent, Arraiolos
  • Remodelling of the Hotel Santa Luzia, Elvas
  • Conservation and remodelling of Abad de Baçal Museum, Braganza
  • Renovation of buildings in Alfama and Mouraria, Lisbon (City Council of Lisbon)
  • Water Museum, Lisbon (EPAL)
  • OGMA buildings and networks, Alverca
  • Nossa Senhora da Graça Fort, Elvas (City Council of Elvas)
  • Covered embrasures and barracks of Faceira, Elvas (City Council of Elvas)
  • Carlos Lopes Pavillion, Lisbon (ATL)

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