Underground solutions adapted to each project

The layout of the railway and metropolitan lines, the urban and interurban high-capacity roads and the optimization of the layout of these infrastructures often make it necessary to adopt the tunnel solution. Likewise, water supply systems, mines, energy, etc., require underground solutions, now possible thanks to the use of powerful tunnel boring machines, capable of excavating full-section tunnels, coexisting with traditional execution procedures.

The construction area of ​​the FCC Group built more than 700 kilometers of tunnels of different types: roads, railways, subways, water supply, among others. Many of which increased the company's capacity due to technical difficulties and terrain limitations.

The RRC also includes in its curriculum tunnels of different types and some of great magnitude and executed by the existing tunnel boring machines in the group.

Some references


                   Aguas Santas Tunnel, Maia                                                                        Tunnel Av. Ceuta, Porto                                                                              Tunnel of Av. João XXI, Lisbon                                                              Gardunha Tunnel, Fundão   


Ramela Tunnel, on the Guard/Benespera sub-stretch of IP2
Montemor Tunnel at CREL, Lisbon
Tunnel of Av. Infante D. Henrique, Lisbon
Odelouca/ Fennel Tunnel
Antas Tunnel, Porto