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The FCC Group's construction area has built more than 2,600 kilometers of railways, whether infrastructures or superstructures, and in any form of this means of transport, from high-speed train to underground or surface metro, passing through the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing ones. lines and the construction of new crossing stations or terminals in large cities. It has more than 900 kilometers of high speed, 326 kilometers of metro and 65 kilometers of surface metro, added to an experience of 11,000 kilometers of railway line maintenance.

The RRC also has, on its curriculum, numerous works for the railway line, metro, new surface meters, including the maintenance and renovation of existing lines and the construction of new stations and stops.

Some references

           Vermelha Alameda-Expo, Lisbon                                             Lumiar metro station, Lisbon                                                   Minho, Lousado - Nine, Famalicão                                                         Beira Baixa Covilhã-Guarda   


North Line, Alverca Station
Bobadela freight station
Beira Alta Line, Cerdeira, Noémi and Vilar Formoso Stations
Beira Alta Line, Pampilhosa Station
Stop and track Reboleira, Amadora
Underpass of Avenida dos Missionários, Cacém
Stops in Salreu and Canelas, Aveiro
Beira Baixa Line, Castelo Branco - Vale Prazeres
Lisbon metro stations in Saldanha, Alfornelos and Lumiar
Porto metro station in Antas