The railway sector is one of the most dynamic transport sectors thanks to public investment in this area. These investments have funded projects aimed at increasing speed, extending networks, removing level crossings, rehabilitating and improving infrastructure and, especially, new high-speed lines and the expansion of metro lines in major cities.

RRC has completed many different types of railway works throughout its history, ranging from railway lines to underground and new above-ground metro lines, whilst carrying out maintenance and renovation works on existing lines and constructing new stations and stops.

Key benchmarks

Railway lines

  • Minho Line – Extension of and power supply provision to the stretch between Lousado and Nine, Famalicão
  • Redevelopment of Canelas stop, Aveiro
  • Construction of the new Salreu stop, Aveiro
  • Modernisation of the Beira Baja line – Stretch between Castelo Branco and Vale de Prazeres
  • Redevelopment of the stations and different level crossings of Alcains, Lardosa and Castelo Novo
  • New railway stop in Reboleira and fourfold extension of the track in Amadora
  • Construction of underground passage of Avenida dos Missionários, Cácem

Metro lines

  • Red line between Alameda - Expo, Lisbon
  • Antas Station of Porto Metro
  • Structure of Lumiar Station on the yellow line of Lisbon Metro
  • Structure of Alfornelos Station on the blue line of Lisbon Metro

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