Taking you water

Water is irreplaceable for life and for most economic activities. It is a guarantee of survival and a rare commodity. Today's society seeks higher and better quality water flows. This is the reason for the permanent investment made by Public Administrations.

The CRR has had a constant presence in this area, building dams, pumping stations, ETA, WWTP and installing pipes for irrigation, supply and sanitation.

The construction area of ​​the FCC Group built more than 48 dams and intervened in another 11 existing ones. It also built around 100 water treatment plants (WWTP, ETA, Desalination Plants and Pumping Stations), intervening in the improvement of another 39 already existing ones. It installed more than 10,500 kilometers of water pipes (for supply, irrigation, sanitation and others) thus allowing a distribution network within everyone's reach.

Some references

                                Ribeiradio Barragem                                                                             ETAR North of Aveiro                                                                                                        Orada-Amoreira                                                                                       Barragem de Gouvães, Ribeira de Pena   


Fumadinha Dam, Aguiar da Beira
Olgas Dam, Torre de Moncorvo
Realization R3 of North Lezíria, Vila Franca de Xira
Irrigation network of block 1 of Monte Novo, Portel
Pedrógão lifting station
Hydro-agricultural development of Fatela, Fundão
Amoreira-Caliços Hydraulic Circuit, Serpa
Rehabilitation of the water supply pipeline, Vila Franca de Xira
Manta Rota Sewage Interceptor - Height
Vila Franca de Xira lifting station
Castelo de Bode lifting station
Sabugal Supply 5
Adductor of Vala Real, Cartaxo
Mata do Urso Adductor, Leiria
Adductor bypass to the new hospital, Vila Franca de Xira
Vilar ETA
Duplication of the cistern of the Asseiceira Water Treatment Plant (EPAL)
WWTP and Coruche outfall
WWTP and maritime outfall of Matosinhos
Vila Franca de Xira / Telheiras Aductor - Recovery of sections 2 and 3