Bridges and viaducts

Advances in the materials and procedures used to build large-scale structures have led to new breakthroughs in road construction. It is now possible to build bridges that can negotiate the limitations imposed by design parameters and minimise the impact of the stretch of road in question, preventing natural accidents or further construction.

In recent years, RRC has built several kinds of bridges and viaducts using cutting-edge construction systems and the most accurate technology: fixed bridges and drawbridges in steel, concrete or mixed materials; medium-span and large-span straight bridges, arch bridges, cable-stay bridges and suspension bridges; bridges built in situ using static scaffolding, movable scaffolding, cantilevers, successive launches or large maritime cranes.

It is also licensed to use the Swiss BBR post-tensioning system, applicable to a wide range of works. BBR, which is also used by the FCC Group, has large-weight lifting equipment and specific machinery for the construction of cantilever bridges.

Key benchmarks

  • Viaducts along IC4, Algarve
  • Viaducts along IP2, from Abrantes to Mação and Castelo Branco
  • Bridge over the Arnóia River, Óbidos
  • Viaducts on the A1 Interchange in Carregado
  • Ponte de Gala, Figueira da Foz
  • Vila Formosa Viaduct, Alter do Chão
  • Corgo Viaduct (connected to the Transmontana Motorway)

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