Overcoming obstacles

The current construction materials and processes have facilitated the development of road construction, enabling the construction of bridges capable of responding to the limitations imposed by the design parameters, and that minimize the impact of the route, saving natural accidents or other constructions.

The construction area of ​​the FCC Group built more than 1,650 bridges and viaducts, of all kinds: fixed and tilting, metallic, concrete or mixed; straight span bridges with medium or large span, arched, moored or suspended; carried out "in-situ" on static, self-launching, sliding or with large maritime cranes.

RRC, in particular, built several bridges and viaducts, of all kinds, using current construction systems and the most refined technique, some of which stand out for their uniqueness.

The activities carried out in this area include the design, construction, rehabilitation and management of concessions.

Some references

            Gala Bridge, Figueira da Foz                                                                      Viaduct of Corgo, Vila Real                                                                   Tâmega Bridge, Mondim Basto                                              Tâmega Bridge, Ribeira de Pena