The construction area of ​​the FCC Group, of which RRC is a part, with an experience of more than 120 years, executes all types of infrastructures (bridges, railway works, roads, tunnels, airports, sea ports), residential and non-residential buildings. (sports facilities, hospitals, universities, among others).

  • m² residential buildings and non-residential buildings

    Residential building: 110,202 apartments built with an area of ​​15,807,232 m². Non-residential building: 25,919,194 m².

  • Km Roads

    8,500 km of roads and highways

  • Km Railway

    2,600 km of railway line of which 900 km are high-speed and 326 km metropolitan

  • Bridges

    1,650 bridges and viaducts

  • Km Tunnels

    700 km of tunnels

  • Nº Dams

    48 dams

  • Water Treatment Plants

    10,500 km of water pipes (2,500 km of supply, 5,700 km of irrigation and 2,000 km of sanitation, 300 km of other pipes 98 treatment stations (74 WWTP, 11 desalination plants and 14 ETA)

  • Km docks//concrete caissons

    44 km of levees 32 km of docks 873 concrete coffins

  • m² Trails Airports

    4,500,000 m² of airport runways

  • m² terminals airports

    2.300.000 m² de Terminais de aeroportos

  • Km Pipelines

    3,000 km of gas and oil pipelines

RRC, throughout more than 50 years of activity, has also achieved a portfolio of emblematic works, in practically all aspects of construction activity.