Improving the environment

The RRC has no more than 6 thousand square meters of curriculum in the selagem of old gas, including facilities for the recovery of biogas, and the construction of various sanitary landfills for perigosos and non-perigosos waste.

Soma-se also has experience of thousands of square meters of construction or maintenance of buildings and gardens.

Some references


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Santa Iria de Azóia landfill                                                                       CIRVER, Chamusca   


Rehabilitation of Recycle Bins, Mirandela
Sanitary Landfill of Valença
Intermunicipal Sanitary Landfill Limarsul, Barreiro
Valorsul landfill, Vila Franca de Xira
Beirolas landfill, Lisbon
Expansion of cell 4 of the ECODEAL CIRVERL