RRC arranca com novos trabalhos na OGMA


RRC begins new works at OGMA

This contract involves reformulating the wastewater drainage network (phase 4) and water-supply system (phase 3).

RRC begins new works at OGMA

The purpose of the contract is to correct certain structural and operational anomalies of the existing systems by gradually replacing them.

The works include:

  • Building a polypropylene carbonate gravity sewer for the drainage system, 644 m long
  • Laying a high-density polyethylene pumping pipe for the drainage network, 610 m
  • Laying high-density polyethylene water mains, 100 m long
  • Assembling three hydrocarbon separators
  • Building the pumping station.

This contract, with a completion time of four months, is one of several that this client has awarded to RRC.