Reformulação das redes de águas residuais e abastecimento de água na OGMA


Refurbishment of wastewater and water-supply networks for OGMA

The contract awarded, for a price of €786,000, includes the refurbishment of the household wastewater and rainwater drainage networks of the company OGMA, in accordance with the regulations for the second year of the General Drainage Investment Plan. It also includes refurbishment of the water-supply network in the area assigned to the Measurement and Control Area (ZMC-1), as established for the first year of investments of the General Water Supply Plan.

The General Drainage Plan identifies certain anomalies in the design, structure and functioning of OGMA’s household wastewater and rainwater drainage networks, with a view to correcting them, specifying the following tasks to be performed during the second year of investments for the Plan:

  • Elimination of existing pipe and inspection gallery
  • Building a fibreglass-reinforced polyester sewer, 425 m long, with the corresponding inspection galleries;
  • Building a storm-drain chamber and the corresponding equipment to be installed in the sewer to divert household wastewater to the household sewer;
  • Building connecting branches between buildings and sumps.

In the framework of the General Water Supply Plan, with a view to solving the problems identified during the diagnosis phase of the plan and thus partially improve the functioning of the distribution network, in the first year of the investment plan it was planned to refurbish the water-supply network assigned to the Measurement and Control Zone (ZMC-1). The works in question include renovating the galvanised iron and fibre-cement pipes and installing:

  • High-density polyethylene pipes, 629 m long
  • High-density polyethylene connecting branch pipes
  • Water boards, isolation devices and bottom outlets