Projeto Alqueva na reta final - EDIA adjudica mais 20 285 hectares


Alqueva project in the home straight: EDIA awards another 20,000 hectares

The regional development minister and agriculture minister preside over the signing of six contracts.

On 13 June, at the heliport by Alqueva dam, EDIA signed 6 award contracts for 6 projects for the construction of water-distribution infrastructure for a total area of 20,285 hectares, at an event presided over by the Assistant Minister for Regional Development, Poiares Maduro, and the Minister of Agriculture and Maritime Affairs, Assunção Cristas.

Ramalho Rosa Cobetar, which was awarded the contract for the Beja irrigation block, covering a total area of nearly 2,560 hectares, was represented by its Construction Director, António Ribeiro Mendes.