Conservação corrente do Distrito de Setúbal


Standard conservation in the Setúbal district

The company EP (Estradas de Portugal, S.A.) has awarded to a consortium led by RRC the contract for current conservation in the Setúbal district, worth €6,443,964.

Standard conservation in the Setúbal district

The contract, which is scheduled to begin in April 2014, will have a completion time of 1,095 days and includes works for the conservation of pavements, regularisation and cleaning kerbs and gutters, pavements, intersections, islands, dividers, rest areas and other lay-bys; cleaning, conservation, reconstruction and construction of drainage items; maintenance and stabilisation of cuttings, conservation of the network of dividing items; conservation of engineering works and tunnels; environmental activities, safety-related activities, as well as retaining works, inventories and other tasks.

The total area of the road network covered by the contract is 922 km, including 286 engineering works. Among the roads included in the contract are the IP8 trunk route, supplementary routes IC1, IC4 and IC33, national roads EN4, EN10 and EN118, among others, as well as numerous regional and local roads.

This contract, together with the conservation of the Lisbon district, which has also been awarded this month, increases the conservation works in RRC’s portfolio, further demonstrating the firm’s experience in this area. RRC is joining forces with Matinsa, another FCC Construcción group company, whose vast experience with contracts of this type dates back to 1992.