Adjudicação do Forte da Graça em Elvas


Award of the Forte da Graça contract in Elvas

The contract for the recovery and adaptation of the Forte da Graça for cultural activities was signed on 3 October at Elvas town hall.

The event was attended by the mayor, Nuno Mocinha, and António Ribeiro Mendes, director of the construction firm, Ramalho Rosa Cobetar, S.A.

The award budget is €4,623,605.95 (excluding VAT) and the contract has a completion time of 330 days (11 months).

The contract includes the recovery and adaptation of the Forte da Nossa Senhora da Graça, also known as the Lippe Fort, for future cultural activities. It is located on the Nossa Senhora da Graça hill, in Alcáçova parish, in the Elvas district. The site was a declared a national monument and is included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the recent declaration of the Elvas frontier citadel and associated fortifications.