EDP ajudica edificio Administrativo em Penafiel


EDP awards admin building in Penafiel

Works began at the beginning of the month to build the EDP admin building in Penafiel.

EDP awards admin building in Penafiel

The works, with a budget of €1,297,700, consist of the construction of a building and finishing of surrounding exteriors, including the car park at old EDP workshops in Penafiel. In order to build the admin building two workshop buildings must first be demolished and an old portal crane and metal mast 40 m high, used as an antenna, must be removed.

The structure of the building is traditional reinforced concrete with an underground floor to be used as a parking area with 20 spaces and an area of 650 m2, plus a floor at the level of the surrounding exterior road, with an area of 1,150 m2, for use as office space.

The new car park is located in the same area as an existing one, although it will be extended with a new platform supported by a gabion wall.

The exterior pavements will be laid using asphalt mix and small granite blocks, reusing existing materials.