Manutenção das zonas verdes de Lisboa


Maintenance of green areas in Lisbon

RRC has begun work to maintain Lisbon’s green area under an agreement entered into with the city council.

Maintenance of green areas in Lisbon

Under this framework agreement, RRC has entered into a contract with Lisbon City Council to provide maintenance services and perform rehabilitation tasks, worth approximately €400,000 euros.

To date, the following areas have been contracted:

8E - Monsanto woodland park (136 ha)

1D - Lisbon gardens (92,220 m2)

2C - Lisbon schools (58,735 m2)

The main maintenance task included under these contracts are:

Supervision and control of tree cover; detecting needs for intervention;
2- Felling unhealthy or dry trees and any at risk of falling;
3- Clearing areas with high tree or shrub cover;
4- Shaping, maintenance or rejuvenating pruning, according to needs identified;
5- Cutting meadows, lawns and verges;
6- Watering grassland, lawns, herbaceous areas, trees and shrubs;
7- Replanting herbaceous plants, trees, shrubs and palms;
8- New lawn-seeding and turf-laying;
9- Aerating, scarifying and rolling lawns;
10- Fertilising lawns, herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees and palms;
11- Disease control for lawns, watered grassland, herbaceous plants and shrubs;
12- Plant-health treatments and control of palm caterpillars, lawn caterpillars, aphids and palm beetles;
13- General cleaning of watering systems and equipment.

The main rehabilitation tasks included under these contracts are:

1- Protecting existing vegetation;
2- Earthworks;
3- Paving;
4- Furniture, equipment and carpentry;
5- Planting;
6- Tutoring;
7- Demolition work.