Iniciada a construção da Célula 4 do CIRVER da ECODEAL


Construction work begins on cell 4 for the Ecodeal CIRVER

The hazardous waste landfill at the Ecodeal CIRVER (Integrated Centre for the Recovery, Valuation and Elimination of Hazardous Waste), built by RRC and operational since June 2008 in the Chamusca area, is integrated into a stabilisation unit and hazardous-waste landfill. The landfill is intended for final storage, under secure conditions, of stabilized sludge obtained from waste treatment at the stabilization unit, as well as from other hazardous waste for which the most appropriate handling option is for it to be deposited at a landfill.

This contract to build cell 4 at the CIRVER hazardous-waste landfill, worth €1,391,251.17, corresponds to the second cell to be built, with a completion time of five months. The cell in question consists of two functionally autonomous and independent honeycombs. The contract includes all the civil works (earthworks, drainage networks and supplementary reinforced- and precast-concrete items), as well as electrical installations and the environmental-protection system (waterproofing and protection system for the base and side banks). In addition to the cell, a basin will be built for the storage of clean water and the existing lixiviate-storage basin will be refurbished.