Galardão Eco-Escolas 2015


2015 Eco-Escolas award

On 14 October it’s Green Flag day in Torres Vedras: an event organised for schools and sponsored by the company Ramalho Rosa Cobetar.

2015 Eco-Escolas award

On Green Flag day, Eco-Escolas (Eco-schools) recognises the contribution of all those who have helped make day-to-day activities at the school — and also in the community that the school serves — more sustainable.

During the one-day event, held to celebrate the good work done at schools by the Eco-Escolas, awards will be given to schools that have been working on the various Eco-Escolas challenges and projects in 2015. A number of partners are involved in supporting projects under the umbrella of the Eco-Escolas initiative, including Eco-repórter da Energía, Geração Depositrão, el Póster Eco-Código, Hortas Bio, Roupas Usadas não estão acabadas, É na primavera que florescem as grandes ideias and Poster Eco-código.

The session will end with the giving of the Green Flag award, which recognises as Eco-schools the 1,236 schools that during the year strove to implement a consistent, high-quality programme that follows a participatory methodology to build sustainability.

The event, which is promoted by the European Blue Flag Association (ABAE/FEE Portugal) and Torres Vedras district council, highlights the local authorities and groups with the highest degree of implementation of the Eco-Schools initiative in Portugal, by recognising the schools that have presented the best projects during the year related to the challenges set in the 2015 Eco-Schools initiative. This session will be include in the 2015 Green Flag Day programme, culminating with the giving out of the Eco-Escolas green flags — 1,178 of them this year — distributed over 221 districts in Portugal. This day will also mark the beginning of the commemorative events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Eco-Escolas in Portugal, over which time 13,547 have participated in the initiative.