FCC com a ponte de Mersey em Liverpool alcança o seu maior contrato no Reino Unido por 700 milhões de euros


With the Mersey bridge in Liverpool, FCC wins its largest ever contract in the UK, worth €700 million

FCC has won the contract for the design, build, financing, conservation and management of the bridge over the river Mersey in Liverpool (United Kingdom). This is the largest contract to have been secured by FCC in the UK to date, worth almost €700 million.

With the Mersey bridge in Liverpool, FCC wins its largest ever contract in the UK, worth €700 million

The new bridge will be 2.13 km long and be used by nearly 80,000 vehicles per day. Construction of the bridge will begin, according to initial forecasts, at the end of this year. The works are expected to last three and a half years, which means that the new bridge should be open for traffic by mid-2017.

FCC’s Public Services Group was awarded the contract as a member of a consortium for both the concession and the construction. Its partners in the concessionaire company are Bilfinger, Sanef and Macquarie, while the other firms involved in the construction are Samsung CT and Kier. The finalists in the tender process included such major multinationals as Balfour Beatty, Bouygues, Hochtief and Iridium.

The project

FCC will build a new crossing over the river Mersey in the city of Liverpool, with a bridge that is more than 2 km long, located to the east of the Silver Jubilee Bridge, which has been functioning since the 1960s and now suffers from serious traffic problems.

The most striking feature of the contract is that bridge proper is a full kilometre long. It is a cable-stayed structure, 42 m wide with a maximum height of 125 m. The project also includes the refurbishment of 7 km of access roads, 2.5 km of new motorway and the renovation of a further 4.5 km of motorway, as well as various links.

A “free-flow” tolling system will be installed to enable tolls to be charged by automatically reading vehicles’ number plates, thanks to a system with advanced technology that does not need to hold up the flow of traffic.

Improvement of current infrastructure

During the process of construction, management and conservation of the new bridge, 4,600 jobs, both direct and indirect, are expected to be created. The project will benefit not only the Merseyside region, with a population of more than 1.6 million, but the entire North West of England.

Experience building bridges

FCC has extensive, consolidated experience building bridges. Over the last 15 years the Group has built more than a million cubic metres of bridges of all kinds, using different construction systems. The bridges built include the Alamillo bridge in Seville, the Saxony bridge, the Otopeni bridge in Bucharest, the Acequia del Oro in Valencia, Basarab viaduct in Romania and San Marcos viaduct, the second tallest in the world, in Mexico.

Last week, FCC’s construction division opened one of the most important communication sections in the European Union: the bridge that links the cities of Vidin (Bulgaria) and Calafat (Romania). The event was attended by the prime ministers of the two countries.

Several major bridges are currently under construction, such as the new bridge for access to the Panama Centenary Bridge, the Gerald Desmond bridge in Porto (Portugal) and Long Beach bridge in California (United States).