ECODEAL - Remoção de Passivo Ambiental em São Pedro da Cova


ECODEAL - Elimination of Environmental Liabilities in São Pedro da Cova

The company ECODEAL Gestão Integral de Resíduos Industriais S.A. is responsible for managing the integrated centre for the recovery, valuation and elimination of hazardous waste (CIRVER). The industrial unit is located at Relvão Ecopark, in the Portuguese district of Chamusca. The site occupies an area of nearly 32 hectares. The CIRVER, which was opened on 4 June 2008, required a total investment of €20 million. It has an annual treatment capacity of nearly 200,000 tonnes.

Its shareholders include the company FCC Ámbito, a member of the FCC Public Services group, which holds 53.6% of the share capital.

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