Desvio do traçado do adutor junto ao novo Hospital de V.F.Xira


Diversion of the route of the delivery pipe next to the new V. F. Xira hospital

This contract affects a section almost 800 m long, covered with DN1800mm steel pipe, laid in a trench in the EPAL compulsory-purchase strip.

The main tasks are:

  • Land clearance and preparation of the track;
  • Shoring of the trench for laying the pipe, using minipiles, in the area where the new supply line runs parallel to Alviela aqueduct;
  • Fitting pipes and accessories underground;
  • Lower crossing of Alviela aqueduct using horizontal pile-driving;
  • Building a venting chamber;
  • Building a chamber for the bottom outlet;
  • Connections upstream and downstream from the current bypass delivery pipe.