Contract to build Transmontana motorway awarded by the consortium AUTOESTRADAS XXI


Contract to build Transmontana motorway awarded by the consortium AUTOESTRADAS XXI

The client will be the AUTOESTRADAS XXI consortium between Globalvía Infraestructuras and the Portuguese company Soares da Costa Concessões SGPS S.A, which was appointed by EP (Estradas de Portugal S.A.) as the winner of the tender process for the IP4 Transmontana motorway concession, as part of the European link connecting Porto with north-west Portugal, requiring an investment of approximately €706.5 million. This project will improve the road links between north-west Portugal and Spain.

The contract includes the construction (32 months) and operation (30 years) of the motorway between Vila Real and Bragança, with a total length of 194 km. The concession includes 32 km of newly built road, 106 km of widening to dual-carriageway and 56 km of existing roads.

The design speed for the new road will be 120 km/h, although owing to the mountainous terrain found in this part of Portugal lower speeds will have to be enforced on certain sections. The links on the current IP4 will be resized so as to adapt them to new infrastructure. In all, 24 links will have to be resized.

The 20 new viaducts to be built include:

  • Corgo viaduct, 2,780 m long with a maximum height of 230 m, to be built to the south of Vila Real, avoiding three trunk and local roads, the river Corgo railway line and a number of existing buildings.
  • Bridge over the river Tinhela, 780 m long with a maximum height of 220 m.
  • The section of the IP4 to be adapted involves crossing the Sierra de Marão mountains, an area of steep slopes and difficult implementation, with a view to reducing the current accident rate.

This new motorway, which will run parallel to the current IP4 corridor, will form part of the programme for new concessions that consists of seven motorway packages, totalling 1,500 km of roads and €3 billion of new investment, approved by the Portuguese government in 2008. The Transmontana motorway has been the first of these contracts to be awarded.

On the Vila Real and Bragança bypasses free-flow type tolling will be installed over a total length of 14 km. The concessionaire will process the tolling but pass on the tolls received to the conceding entity. Globalvía will recover the investment by means of a mixed system of “shadow tolling” and tolling of users by availability.