Conclusão dos trabalhos na Escola Secundária de D. Maria II, em Braga


D. Maria II secondary school in Braga

The works have now been completed to refurbish D. Maria II secondary school in Braga, in the framework of Parque Escolar. This contract was undertaken by a joint venture between FCC Construcción (Ramalho Rosa Cobetar’s shareholder), DST, Graviner and Casimiro Ribeiro.

D. Maria II secondary school in Braga

The intervention is characterised by extending the area built to more than twice its former size, by implementing new buildings as well as housing three interior courtyards.

In the interior of the school a new entrance has been created directly opposite the library and la Learning Street (where the informal uncovered areas are located), ending at the cafeteria/bar/study and leisure area. The school’s administration and management area is also next to the entrance.

The two classroom blocks run parallel to each other, with other spaces devoted to specific activities between them: laboratories, art workshops and sports areas, including the gym and an open-air sports field. Next to the latter are the supports and fields for open-air games. The old gym has been refurbished in order to make it a more multipurpose space.

The old admin building has been adapted for the exclusive use of teachers, to support their work and also for leisure activities and resting.

The exterior spaces were redesigned to improve accessibility conditions, increase the covered playground and the uncovered and tree-covered area, and regulate parking.