Adjudicada à RRC em consórcio, pela EP- Estradas de Portugal, a empreitada EN369 - Variante à ponte de Vila Formosa


EP (Estradas de Portugal) awards contract EN369 for the Vila Formosa bypass bridge to RRC as a partner in a consortium

The contract consists of a bypass for the existing Roman bridge, with works to build the bypass on the EN369 road, in the area of Vila Formosa bridge, over a total length of 3.0 km. The new bridge over the banks of the river Seda will be built 100 m from the current bridge, a Roman bridge that is a national monument, in an area where the river bed is narrower. The new bridge will be 220 m, distributed over six spans and with a deck 15.04 m wide.

The standard cross-section of the paved profile of the bypass will be 12.00 m, with a 7.00 m carriageway (2 x 3.50m) and 2.50 m of kerbs. On the outer side of the paved kerbs there will also be a 0.75 m verge for fitting safety barriers or connection to the corresponding guttering.

The construction of the bypass and new bridge will enable the current restrictions on HGV traffic to be lifted. Currently any vehicles weighing more than 20 tonnes that wish to travel between the Sôr bridge and Alter do Chão must use an alternative diversion via Avis, as the photographs show. Traffic can also currently cross the bridge only alternately, because of its narrow width. This issue will also be solved with the new bridge.