Adjudicações em 2014


Contract awards in 2014

The six construction contracts to be awarded correspond to infrastructures in Beringel and Álamo, Beja, São Matias, Caliços-Machados and Pias, in the Beja, Vidigueira, Moura and Serpa districts, representing a total investment of more than €132 million. This sum also includes the construction of the corresponding road and drainage networks, pumping stations, tanks and automated and remote-control systems.

When these contracts are added to the more than 20,000 hectares currently under construction and the nearly 68,000 hectares currently operational, the total is nearly 110,000 hectares. The remaining 10,000 hectares are currently under tender and will mark the completion of the Alqueva Multipurpose Initiative by the end of next year.

(Information obtained from EDIA communication)