EN 4 – 1ª fase entre a Rotunda do Lidl e as Sochinhas


EN 4 - Phase 1 between the Lidl roundabout and Sochinhas

Elvas Town Council has awarded to the consortium led by RRC the contract for the “Refurbishment of the EN4 road - Phase 1, Between the Lidl Roundabout and Sochinhas: 2nd Section”, worth €4,289,000.

This contract, which has a completion time of 540 days, is located between the current Lidl roundabout and the Sochinhas roundabout, including the link to the A6 motorway, over a length of approximately 3,810 m. It consists of ten straight alignments ranging in length between 71 m and 839 m, accounting for nearly 67.8% of the total alignment, as well as four roundabouts.

The tracks are composed of two types of lane: paved kerbs and cycling lanes. The tasks to be carried out include demolition, earthworks, paving, drainage, reinforced-concrete walls, rebuilding existing walls, electricity and telecoms infrastructures, landscaping, barriers and signage.