Arranque das demolições nos Ilhotes de Faro e Olhão


Demolition work begins at Faro and Olhão islets

Polis Ria Formosa has awarded to RRC the contract for intervention and rehabilitation of the Ria Formosa islets and Ilha Deserta.

A empreitada com o valor de 1.320.000€ tem um prazo de 210 dias.

Demolition work begins at Faro and Olhão islets

The objective of the contract is the natural recovery of the islets (Altura, Côco, Cobra, Ramalhetes and Ratas) and Ilha Deserta, on the south coast of the Algarve, in the Faro and Olhão areas.

The works involve demolishing illegal structures of any kind that have been built (with nearly 200 buildings, water and sewerage infrastructure, etc.), regardless of its condition.

The demolition will be selective, first removing any hazardous waste, such as asbestos. After demolition and the removal of waste, the soil will be screened mechanically down to a depth of 50 cm, eliminating invasive species, as well as manual collection of litter in areas unaffected by construction. Once all the cleaning work has been done the land will be landscaped, planting native species on the Ratas and Côco islets and on Ilha Deserta. 

Only three of the Ramalhetes islets have overland access; the others can only be reached by sea.