OGMA adjudica remodelação de edificio


OGMA awards contract for building refurbishment

OGMA awards contract for building refurbishment

The works consist of refurbishing the first floor of building 49 to adapt it for administrative workers. The floor has an area of approximately 2,500 m2.

In order to carry out these works it will first be necessary to demolish certain partitions and transport them to a landfill.

The tasks will include:

  • Eliminating aluminium dividers, dividing doors, false ceilings, carpeting and vinyl flooring.
  • Improving the existing partitioning, replacing the melamine and rockwool lagging.
  • Installing new aluminium partitions with melamine below and an opaque section above.
  • Laying vinyl flooring
  • Installing a modular false ceiling: 600 x 600 mm tiles on galvanised steel plate frames.
  • Installing a false ceiling with plain metal plates, 1200 x 300 mm.
  • Fitting wooden doors and dividing curtains.
  • Replacing the exterior store curtains with new ones of the same type.
  • Removing and replacing electrical, telephone and IT infrastructure.
  • Installing a SADI station with the corresponding sensors.
  • Supplying and assembling heating, ventilation and air-.conditioning equipment: units with variable coolant volume, rectangular and circular ducting, diffusers and grilles, fan, heat recoverer, and all the associated electrical connections.