EPAL adjudica remodelação do Museu da Agua


EPAL awards the refurbishment of the Water Museum

EPAL - Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, S.A., has awarded to RRC the contract for the refurbishment of the Water Museum at the Recinto dos Barbadinhos, in Lisbon, with an approximate budget of €740,000.

EPAL awards the refurbishment of the Water Museum

The museum, which is owned by EPAL, houses the old Barbadinhos steam pumping station, which was taken out of service in 1928 and has been declared as a site of public interest. It is also within the special protection zone (ZEP), next to Nossa Senhora da Porciúncula church, dependent on Barbadinhos convent and the Palha palace, also known as Pancas or Van-Zeller.

The old Barbadinhos pumping-station building is where most of the intervention will take place, safeguarding and respecting the heritage complex where it is located.

The following tasks will be carried out on the building:

  • Exterior - Building new accesses for the building, eliminating the existing architectural barriers, removing pipes and obsolete installations from exterior walls, with ad hoc repairs and painting. Water-supply and firefighting installations and household wastewater drainage will also be addressed.
  • Interior - Restructuring and refurbishment of the space, so as to create a more modern museum space where EPAL’s historical archive can be housed. This refurbishment involves eliminating and building new partitions, ceiling and wall linings and flooring. Other repairs and structural reinforcement will also be carried out, and a lift platform will be installed to provide access to the upper floor for people with reduced mobility.
  • Electro-mechanical installations and equipment - All the existing installations will be removed and replaced with new ones. Most of the equipment will be provided by EPAL or existing equipment will be reused.

Other actions will also be undertaken in the Educational Services and Educational Services Suppot buildings and surrounding spaces, including:

  • Exterior - Replacing the existing Access ramp between level 2 of the pumping-station building with a staircase and lift platform. The surrounding area will be paved and an annex will be demolished.
  • Interior - The paving slab in the educational-services room will be repaired and structurally reinforced, and the space will be refurbished. This refurbishment involves eliminating dividing walls and recovering ceilings, walls and flooring.